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What Kinds of Tribute Acts and Tribute Bands Are There? ‘

Basically, they fall into the following categories:-
Tribute bands are live bands that solely perform the music of the artist they are paying homage to. They use instruments that are identical to those used by the original artist, act in a manner similar to that artist, and wear genuine costumes and props. Although some tribute bands seek out “look-alike” musicians to further their image of authenticity, this isn’t valued as highly as it is with solo tribute artists.

Well Known Tribute Acts

Tribute bands, including Little Mix, Take That, Meat Loaf, Foo Fighters and Take That, perform live with recorded accompaniment. They too frequently fit under the category of tribute bands.
Solo tribute acts/singers: a live performer that imitates the style and songs of a well-known performer, correctly attired, frequently strikingly like the real act, performed to music that had already been recorded.
Similar to solo tribute acts, duo tribute acts feature two performers; examples are Blues Brothers and Abba duos.


DUO TRIBUTE ACTS – £700-£850

TRIBUTE GROUPS – £1000-£1500 plus

TRIBUTE BANDS – £1000-£2500 plus

You will tend to pay more for an established Tribute Act London or  Tribute Band with a high level of experience and demand. It’s also worth considering the number of members in a tribute band as this can greatly affect cost – hence why the price bracket for tribute bands is much wider.

Do I Need to Provide Anything to a Tribute Performer For My Event?

All of our artists have a rider from Mike Russ Entertainments , a London Talent Booking Agency, outlining particular hospitality and/or technical requirements that you must fulfil at your own expense when you book them.

Yet when it comes to hiring a tribute act London or tribute band London, a changing room is crucial and, in our opinion, the absolute minimum necessary. It should have a mirror and enough seats for everyone in the band. If the band or artist needs to change into a different costume during the performance, the changing place should ideally be close to the stage, or a separate “fast change” area should be taken into consideration.

Which tribute acts are the best?
Below is a list of the best-selling and most well-liked tribute artists currently performing in the UK, including some of our personal favourites:

  1. Bruno Mars
  2. Tina Turner
  3. The Vox Beetles
  4. George Michael
  5. Shirley Bassey
  6. Elton John
  7. Bob Marley & The Wailers Tribute Band
  8. Michael Jackson
  9. Paloma Faith
  10. Olly Murrs

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Tribute Acts London

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