What are tribute acts all about, and why should you book one?

Whether you are an experienced entertainment booker or this is your first time booking tribute artists for your event, the tribute industry is massive (s). It can be difficult to separate the occasionally “not-so-good” parts from the excellent aspects. Here is where an educated and experienced hand really shines, saving you a tonne of time and guiding you in the direction of the best tribute acts available!

Well Known Tribute Acts

Since 2000, Mike Russ Entertainments (MRE) Group Ltd has been supplying the best tribute acts London in London to venues as well as events across the UK and beyond. We feel we are in a fantastic position to provide you with the best guidance and help possible when it comes to choosing the correct act.

So what is a Tribute act?
Tribute acts are individual performers that mimic an artist’s songs and stage presence. A couple of examples include a female artists who dresses like Tina Turner that pay homage to Tina Turner and Tina Turner impersonators who play Tina Turner songs. Several tribute artists make an effort to accurately replicate the vocal techniques and overall appearance of an artist or group in addition to performing their songs.

t can be tempting to choose your act solely on instinct and what you “think” might work given the multitude of possibilities available (we have one of the larger tribute act rosters). Similar to this, one’s own tastes could occasionally win out, preventing them from seeing their target audience’s ideal performance.

When it comes to hiring tribute performers, the adage “you get what you pay for” holds true, so we would strongly advise against skimping on the entertainment for your event. The following would be a reasonable indication of what to expect to spend for quality standard tribute acts London:


DUO TRIBUTE ACTS – £700-£850

TRIBUTE GROUPS – £1000-£1500

TRIBUTE BANDS – £1000-£2500

An established tribute performer or tribute band with a high level of skill and demand will typically cost extra. The size of a tribute band should also be taken into account because this can significantly effect price. As a result, the price range for tribute bands is much greater.

Do I Need To Provide Anything For A Tribute Act at my Event?

Definitely a secure performing space, ideally with a high stage and nearby power outlets.
In order to park and unload, they will also need parking, ideally with easy access at the front of the site. They can load in and set up as soon as possible if they do this.

Food and drinks are always welcome; particularly a hot dinner as they won’t have had a chance to eat elsewhere for at least 12 hours while they’re on the move.

All of our performers have a “rider” from Mike Russ Entertainments Group that details particular hospitality and/or technical requirements that you must fulfil at your own expense when you book them. We truly do book the best Tribute Acts London

Tribute Acts London